a country to visit absolutely

a country to visit absolutely

You want to go to a nice destination, South Korea is a must-visit country. for its culture, in particular music with K-pop, a global phenomenon. There are also plenty of places to visit, local food to taste and fun activities to do. Whether it’s a trip alone, as a couple or with the family, South Korea is a must-visit country.

Is South Korea a dangerous country? seoul

People tend to put North Korea and South Korea in the same basket but that’s not the case at all, If North Korea is known to be an inaccessible and mysterious country ruled by the Kims, especially by Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader of North Korea. He runs a Stalinist-like communist regime that operates by ruling and wielding power through fear and propaganda. If some things are common in our country, this is not the case in North Korea which, for example, prohibits various things including:

  • Use internet
  • To practice a religion
  • Driving by car
  • Take photos
  • Wear jeans pants
  • To be called Kim
  • Call from abroad
  • Choose your haircut
  • Choose your profession
  • Leave the country

But this only concerns North Korea, South Korea is a safe country with a beautiful culture and many places to visit. So there is no problem for travel to south korea alone or accompanied.

What time of year should you go to South Korea? celsius

To properly prepare trip to south korea, you have to plan at what time of the year you have to visit the country because the weather could influence the contents of your suitcase but also the stay itself. Autumn and spring are the 2 recommended periods because the weather is more or less similar even if the weather can sometimes be rainier in spring, there is nevertheless the lantern festival to celebrate Buddha’s birthday but there is also has the blooming of cherry blossoms which is an expected event. The spring month is therefore the recommended period.

Budget for South Korea

There South Korea is a relatively expensive destination, the cost of living is similar to a country in the European Union. The restoration in South Korea is relatively affordable, traditional dishes are usually cheap but foreign cuisine like Japanese is expensive. The price of public transport is also reasonable and accessible for travelers. Museums and tourist sites are also affordable for tourists, some are even free.

What are the activities to do in South Korea?

There are lots of activities to do and lots of places to visit in south koreafrom Korean gastronomy, to the many magnificent palaces, but also in terms of architecture and the famous K-pop culture, in other words, there is no time to get bored in this beautiful country. is here South Korea.

Visit Seoul Seoul

Seoul is the 3rd most populous megalopolis in the world, it is the capital and the largest city in South Korea, it is a city where there are many young people and therefore festive, the Koreans come there to study or to find a job. A modern and lively city, perfect for having a good time. Seoul is also famous for the cultural and artistic aspect. Seoul has three UNESCO World Heritage monuments that must be visited by tourists, there are:

  • Changdeokgung Palace
  • Jongmyo Shrine
  • Royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty.

Hanok Bukchon Village

THE Hanok Bukchon Village is a traditional neighborhood located in Saoul where there are several small traditional Korean houses that differ depending on the climate because the houses are built with natural materials. It is nevertheless a district inhabited by people so you must be accompanied by a guide to be able to visit the village.

Gyeongbokgung Palace Gyeongbokgung

THE Gyeongbokgung Palace is the 1st palace built in the Joseon Dynasty which means which means “Palace of Resplendent Happiness”. It is a UNESCO World Heritage monument. It is the largest of the 5 palaces in Seoul.

The National Museum of Korea

If there is one museum to visit, it is the national museum of korea which traces the history of South Korea. It is considered one of the greatest museums in the world. Access is free except for the temporary exhibitions section.


There DMZ is the Korean Demilitarized Zone which was created on July 27, 1953 during the armistice of Panmunjeom between North Korea and China on one side and the UN. It separates the 2 countries of Korea over 235 km. There DMZ has become a most visited tourist attraction in South Korea.


Busan is the 2nd largest city in South Korea and is the country’s main port. It is best known for the cultural village that is gamcheonwith narrow streets among colorful houses.

Jeju jeju

Considered a must-see place to visit in South Korea, Jeju Island was formed by volcanic eruptions giving us a nice landscape. We often practice hiking there to climb Mount Hallasan which is located at 1,950 meters. There is also the cave Manjanggulthe longest lava cave in the world, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Savor the specialties of South Korea kimchi

During your trip to South Korea, it is essential to taste some of the specialties of the country. In general, you can find them everywhere.

  • Kimchi: it is considered the national dish, kimchi is a fermented cabbage dish with chilli, the dish is quite acidic. There are several kinds of kimchi, depending on the vegetables used.
  • Tteok-bokki: it is a popular street food, it is rice cakes sautéed in soy sauce and served in a spicy sauce. It can be eaten on a plate or as a skewer.
  • The bibimbap: it is simply a mixture of rice, vegetables and meat or shrimp, all decorated with a fried egg. This is the most famous dish with kimchi.


There South Korea is an ideal country to visit whether with family or alone. There is so much activity to do and places to visit that it is almost impossible to get bored. Do not hesitate to visit this magnificent country that is South Korea.

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