What to know before visiting the city of Seville

What to know before visiting the city of Seville

For decades spain is one of the 3 most popular destinations in the world to the point that tourism contributes more than 6% to Spain’s national wealth. Each year, more than 80 million people go there for the holidays. And Seville is one of its most touristic and beautiful cities.

And if you too want to take the plunge and discover this beautiful country, in particular the city of Seville, continue reading. You will find information that will help you prepare well for your future trip as well as the best places to visit as a tourist. Good reading !

Presentation of the city of Seville

Seville is the fourth city in Spain in terms of inhabitants and by its dimensions and its architecture, it is the most pretty and lively of the three great cities of the South.

Geographical location of Seville

Seville is a city in the southwest of spain. It is the capital of the province of Seville and the autonomous community of Andalusia.

It is located just 6 meters above sea level and although surrounded by valley, countryside and river, it forms an urban agglomeration.

The Spanish Mint

The current currency in Spain is the euro, replacing the “Spanish peseta” (ESP) which was the main Spanish currency from 1868 to 2002.

The weather in Seville

Located in the south of spainnot far from the African continent, the city of Seville enjoys a very good climate throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 19.2°C.

Summers are particularly long and hot, with average maximum temperatures reaching or exceeding 25°C from May to October.

As for precipitation, it generally appears between the months of October and April with and the chances of encountering rain in summer are almost nil. And snow is extremely rare!

Places to visit in Seville

From the Giralda to the Alcazar, from Santa Cruz to Tirana, from the Macarena to the Plaza de España, from the Plaza de Toros to the Museum of Fine Arts! Seville is undoubtedly the temple of exoticism. And thanks to the mixture of Moorish, Jewish and Christian cultures, the city of Seville shelters within its walls an exceptional and diversified heritage found nowhere else!

Beaux-arts museum

If you have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, located in the former convent of La Merced, do not hesitate! The museum houses a very fine collection of paintings by Bartolomé Estéban Murillo, several paintings by Zurbaran, Diego Velásquez and a work by Greco. Admission for Adults is €1.50 and for EU citizens it is free.

In the surrounding area, around noon, you can enjoy a glass of manzanilla accompanied by tapas with the townspeople in Calle de San Eloy, in Calle Del General Pelavieja or in Plaza de los Venerables or in the barjo de Santa Cruz.

From fancy pubs in Plaza de Cuba to cafes around Altozano, there are so many restaurants to choose from, all of which offer the best specialties sevillian.

Maria Louisa Park

This is a place not to be missed! This large garden with many free-roaming birds and parakeets. night and day, the Parque exudes a special and magical atmosphere.

Real Alcázar

This unmissable fortified palace, modified during the Muslim period, is a marvel to visit. Admission costs €11.50 for everyone. Except for the elderly and students aged 17 to 25 for whom it is €3 and for disabled people, those under 16 and people born or residing in Sevilleit is free.

The Barrio Santa Cruz

Another very nice neighborhood with a magnificent Plazza de Donna Elvira. We like to get lost in these streets that make us dream. In the afternoon, everything is calm, so you can peacefully admire the flowered patios by pushing the doors.

Triana the ceramic district

On the other side of the canal, on the left bank, are Triana and its few beautiful colorful facades. It was the ceramic district. It is pleasant to stroll along the river.

It is also famous for its bullfighters, singers and flamenco dancers.

The Palace of the Duenas

The Palacio de las Dueñas, built between the 15th and 16th centuries, is made up of several buildings separated by patios and gardens, its architecture combines Gothic-Mudéjar and Renaissance styles. Open exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at a price of €10 for adults, €8 for students and those over 65 and free for children under 6.

The famous Macarena district

The famous Macarena district is home to the city’s most revered Madonna. Its alleys are full of wonders such as Baroque sanctuaries and Gothic churches.


To conclude, Hispanic culture is rich in diversity and discoveries. It is a very interesting country for tourists and for heavenly holidays in the sun. There are landscapes and atmospheres for all tastes and all personalities. The way of life, the ambiance and the atmosphere are generally more relaxed, added to that good weather, especially in the south, paradisiacal landscapes, simply delicious cuisine, outdoor parties and exquisite discoveries on vacation can only be pleasant.

As it concerns Seville, the city is very welcoming with a typical atmosphere of Andalusia. The city can easily be visited by car, public transport or even on foot.

Moreover, spain is a destination also open to small wallets, you can easily find flights at very low prices, chic accommodation, but not expensive and good food, always at low cost! In addition, to avoid spoiling anything, being a very touristic country, the natives, used to receiving, are welcoming and warm with tourists. Beautiful and enriching encounters will be on the agenda!

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