what you need to know before taking the plunge

what you need to know before taking the plunge


You plan to visit United States ? very good idea of ​​a destination where extraordinary adventures await you! but like everything in life, you have to be well prepared before taking the plunge and in this article you will find some information on how to get around the country, on the climate in order to help you better set the date of your departure and to pack your bags accordingly and finally on the gastronomy, the places to visit and the assets that this country has to offer to its tourists.

Transportation in the United States

To move fromstate in state the Americans most often use the plane because the country is very big.

Car rental

Car rental is cheaper and more common than with us. The Belgian license is accepted. The required age is at least 21 years old and must hold an international passport.


Fuel is cheaper than in Belgium. Each state has different traffic laws and speed limits.


The yellow taxis at new York, called “yellow cabs”, are widely used. They number about 12,000 in the city and are inexpensive. taxis Uber or Lift also transport a lot of people every day.

California, by car

You can stay at Vegas, San Francisco or even in a nearby small town and rent a car to discover the beautiful surrounding areas. You can take one of the seven California Byways:

  • The Pacific Coast Highway connects major cities in California.
  • National Scenic Byways California Arroyo Seco Historic Parkway Route 110 – connects Los Angeles to Pasadena via the winding Arroyo Seco.
  • Death Valley Scenic Byway – notably go through the desert and below sea level. This is the lowest and hottest place in North America.
  • Ebbets Pass National Scenic Bay – with valleys and canyons carved by glaciers, volcanoes and granite massifs, and redwood forests.
  • Highway 1/Big Sur Coast Highway – runs along the California coast through cypress forests to Pacific beaches where seals and other marine animals live.
  • Route 1/San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway – various attractions including Hearst Castle, The Estuary of morroplaces to hike, bike, kayak.
  • Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat Road – crosses the Sierra Nevada and includes a dramatic elevation change, but is not a mile long.
  • Volcanic Legacy Byway – an impressive volcanic landscape that includes Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and Lassen Volcanic National Park in California.

The bike

In some big cities cycling is recommended because there is a lot of traffic. There are electric bike rentals or city bikes available in some cities like Chicago, new York and San Francisco despite the lack of bike lanes.

For tourists there are also ”Pedicabs”, three-wheeled bicycles. A tour guide pedals and transports you while giving you a tour.

It’s a fun and economical way to get around.

Other means of transport

Buses and trains are also transport often used for travelers. THE United States have very wide lines, buses going from city to city and comfortable trains. The advantage of the trains is the panoramic view because the seats are generally arranged to appreciate the landscape.

The subway is also a good way to get around, but the system is not as efficient elsewhere as in New York.

The climate

The climate of USA is mainly continental but due to its large area, topography and extension in latitude the climates vary greatly between the different states.

In Alaska and the Hawaiian archipelago

The climates are very different since they are far from the main country of the USA. On the Pacific Archipelago Hawaii we find a tropical climate. The sunniest period extends from May to September but the heat is present throughout the year. The rainy season is between November and January but the winters are very mild with temperatures around 20 degrees.

On the east coast of the United Statesnew york in winter

We find a subtropical climate. Cold winters with snow (example: in New York winters do not exceed 7 degrees) and hot summers often going above 30 degrees.

los angeles climateThe climate in the west side of the country

It is Mediterranean, oceanic, continental and desert. We have very hot summers especially in California in the city of Las Vegas. If you want to swim in Los Angeles, for example, it is best to go in summer because the water temperature is higher. However if you want to visit san franciscodue to the fog in summer, it is recommended to go in spring or autumn.

On the other side in Alaskaalaska climate

The climate is of the polar type, and the fauna resembles that of cold environments. You can find grizzly bears, caribou, moose, white. The best times to visit are during the summer.

Tourist attractions

THE UNITED STATES, with its 328 million inhabitants, and its 50 states, is full of countless places to visit. Below you will find some reasons to go there at least once in your life

The weather is always good, it rains on average 35 days out of the 365 of the year. Ideal for those who love the sun!

Gastronomyusa gastronomy

There is a mixture of different cultures. This is reflected in the kitchen of the country. Each state eats differently. In the northeast, for example, the culinary specialties are lobster and shrimp. In L’Arkansas such as beaver tail stew and in Texas barbecue. Each region makes its most common products its culinary specialties.

New York City and its famous buildingsNew York

Something impressive to see is the grandeur of the buildings. New York holds 5 of the tallest buildings in the UNITED STATES like “The Empire State building” or the “One World Trade Center” with its 545 meters high.

The famous Broadway district and its famous theater as well as the Times Square liven up 24 hours a day with yellow taxis, shops and colorful billboards.

walk of fameThe walk of fame

If you’re a celebrity fan, you’ll love walking above the stars of celebrities on the Neighborhood Walk of Fame. Hollywood in Los Angeles.

The Grand CanyonGrand Canyon

As for the landscapes of nature you can admire the Grand Canyon with its depth of 800 meters in theArizona. This site welcomes about 5 million tourists a year.

Mount RushmoreMount Rushmore

In the state of South Dakota is the monument ”Mount Rushmore » carves in the rocks the 4 heads of former American presidents. This sculpture is seen by 2 million tourists a year.

the state of alaska

If you prefer the cold and would like to see bearsstate of alaska is perfect that Many guided tours are organized and there is a great nature to discover.

paradise islands

On the Pacific side, the Hawaiian archipelago made up of 8 different islands welcomes you. Ideal for hot holidays surrounded by turquoise water.paradise islands

You may be able to relax in a seaside resort such as “Hilton Hawaian Village Waikiki Beach Resort” on the beach named Waikiki on the island of Honolulu.

You can enjoy both sandy beaches, palm trees, lush vegetation, nightlife like that of Ibiza or Miami, and the natural wonders of volcanic relief. Do not miss the Volcanoes National Park, the Waipio Valley, the National Park of HaleakalaMaui Ocean Center, Mauna Kea, Road to Hana.

Similar to this; you can vacation on the Florida peninsula or surf in California.

Great diversity of landscapes

The territory of country is so big. There are landscapes for all tastes. Heat and cold, beaches and forests, mountains and valleys. We have a lot of choices. If the country is in the top of the annual trips it is certainly not for nothing!las vegas

Unique cities

A lot of cities have their own theme: Las Vegas renowned for its games, casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip, the famous Hollywood district in Los Angeles, Chinatown in the borough of Manhattan in New York, San Francisco with its steep streets, Miami with its beaches and many more.


The Cowboy State will attract many tourists next year as it sees the solar eclipse in all its glory. Why has it become such a big attraction? Because it is the state with the lowest population density and is surrounded by nature, far from the lights and bustle of modern cities, the 2.5 minute solar eclipse will be experienced incomparably.

Wyoming is one of the most recommended places to admire the starry sky. In addition, the state also includes the huge Yellowstone National Park, the windriverDevils Tower National Monument and Jackson Hole.

san francisco

Unlike Los Angeles, which is very large, san francisco is the most densely populated city in California. This does not detract from its beauty. Far from there.

San Francisco ranks 5th among the cities in the United States that attract the largest number of foreign tourists (18 million in 2014). Among the main tourist sites: the Golden Gate Bridgethe Alamo Square Park, Lombard Street and, of course, the cramped cabins and trams that line the steep streets.

If you are interested in art and history, you can visit the War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Symphony, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Palace of the Legion of Honor, Asian Art Museum, California Academy of Sciences, Contemporary Jewish Museum.

From the port, you can embark on a cruise to Alaska or Mexico.

You can also fly over the city using 7D The Flyer technology.


Located in the northern United States, on the border with Canada, Montana is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts: on the water (fishing, kayaking, rafting, hiking) or in the winter in the Rockies. It even provides access to the huge Yellowstone National Park.

Among the attractions to consider are the Glacier National Parkthe Museum of the Rockies, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, the Western Heritage Center.


Idaho is a splendor in terms of landforms. You have the opportunity to admire vast lakes, strewn mountains, volcanoes, canyons, caves: Craters of the Moon National Monument, Sun Valley Resort, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Lake Coeur dAlene, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Shoshone Indian Ice Caves.


The kindness of the inhabitants

The locals are welcoming, expressive and always ready to help foreign visitors in case they have any questions. There is great diversity in the nationalities and culture to UNITED STATES what makes people feel familiar when they meet someone new.


However gigantic the UNITED STATES (twice the size of Europe), they are also a huge tourist destination. There are so many splendid and unique places to visit that the country itself is an ideal destination for vacation after vacation, year after year. It’s worth thinking about. Visit the United States maybe the best idea ever.

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