when to go, what accommodation, etc.

when to go, what accommodation, etc.

For several years now, we have been hearing a lot about the Thailand for her beauty but also for scandals related to sex tourism, lady boys and so on. But this country is not just that! we will see together a brief presentation of Thailand and its strengths. Thailand is a very beautiful country which deserves to be visited for several reasons.

Where is Thailand located

There Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean to the west and the South China Sea to the east. We also find the Gulf of Thailand also called Siam to the east.

The surrounding countries are Burma to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south. The surface of the country is 513,000 km2 and there are 68 million inhabitants, a situation more or less similar to France. Its capital is bangkok and the economic center of the country.

When to go to Thailand to benefit from a good climate?

The climate Thai is tropical. There are three seasons: a cool one from November to February, a dry season, with a heat wave from March to May and a wet season accompanied by rain from June to October.

The country is exposed to two monsoons, which cause drought and rain depending on the season, but the dates of the arrival of the monsoon vary in each part of the country. Despite the different seasons, the average annual temperature is around 28 degrees and so is the water temperature throughout the year.

Obviously, the best time of year to travel to Thailand is the dry season, when the weather allows you to enjoy the country and its beaches without risking the rains ruining your vacation.

What attracts tourists is especially the cool season because of the good temperature which is between 20 and 30 degrees, which is why travel prices are higher from November to February.

However, traveling in low season also has its advantages: everything is much cheaper, it is very easy to find good deals on hotels and flights. Also, there are fewer tourists. Contrary to what happens in other countries, during the rainy season the rainfall is usually very heavy for a short period of time, half an hour or an hour, almost always in the late afternoon. It is very rare that in a given week it rains every day and all the time.

Her alluring and rare nature

This beautiful country is rich in vegetation, there are many nature reserves, forests and national parks.

Although the country has lost a large part of its forests due to the felling of trees. Deforestation caused by urbanization and population growth.


Called “mangroves” in French, they act as protective barriers against natural disasters such as tsunamis and other destructive phenomena and are therefore essential to the ecosystem.


Symbol of the country, they participate in the economy of the Thailand because the cut orchids are exported outside the country. Luxury hotels and airlines also buy them for customers.

Natural parksThailand the reasons why you should visit it

Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park

Founded in 1980, this park bears the name “Ang Thong” which means golden pool.

With its 42 islands on an area of ​​102km2 in the region of Surat Thani in the Gulf of Thailandthis park is well known by tourists.

Its islands having a particular shape, have charming names like “The sleeping cow” and “The rhinoceros”. One can enjoy the beach, kayak between the different islands, visit the caves, go scuba diving, take boat trips with the local fishermen and see the lagoons of lush natural beauty.

To get there, tourist agencies organize the journey by boat. It also has kayaking routes offered by local agencies. We can even be accommodated on the spot as well as camp on some islands but it is necessary to have an authorization.

The rates are as follows: 300 baht (8EURO) for foreigners, 150 baht (3.50 euro) for children and 40 baht (1 euro) for local tourists. Access to the park is reserved for travelers approved by agencies.

Khao Yai National Park

It is located 200km northeast of the capital. Its size is 2176 km2.

Established in 1961, it is the oldest national park in the country and welcomes around 1.5 million visitors a year. “Khao Yai” means “big mountain”; indeed it is mostly composed of mountains and mountain ranges.

You can hike from 1h30 to 7h with a guide or not. You can also see caves and multiple waterfalls.

The species of animals present in the park are abundant: wild boars, gibbons, elephants, pig-tailed macaques. The fauna is very rich, you can also see many types of exotic birds such as the night loris and bats.

To enter the park you have to pay 200 baht which amounts to 6 euros and it is strongly recommended to take a guided excursion with agencies like “Wildlife Safari”.

Kui Buri National Park

Created in 1999, this park has an area of ​​969km2 in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

“Kui Buri” which means “Park that totally respects elephants and gives them total freedom. It allows visitors to observe their behavior.

In this park, the authorities take sandalwood to cremate members of the royal family.

In terms of fauna, there are gaurs which is the largest of the wild cattle and elephants. There are also golden jackals, deer, Malayan porcupines and wild boar.

To visit the park you have to organize a safari at the visitor center and to get there you have to go by car or motorbike.

Fares are 200 baht for foreigners, 100 for children. Citizens pay 40 baht and if you go by car it will be 30 baht.

Other assets of Thailand

Thai massage

Listed as an intangible heritage by UNESCO, the thai massage traditional “Nuad thai” is part of traditional medicine. With its millennial techniques, it treats certain chronic diseases such as back pain, migraines and allows you to fully relax.

The masked and danced theater “Khon”

Inscribed in 2018 by UNESCO, this type of classical dramatic theater is staged by masked and mute dancing men. It recalls episodes from the life of the hero Ramakien, the incarnation of the god named Vishnu who represents order and justice, all against a musical background played by an orchestra. It also highlights respect between different social classes and recalls ancient rituals that took place in temples. You can observe this kind of spectacle at the theater of bangkok.

The 4 types of tourism found in Thailand

Responsible and fair tourism and eco-tourism

Traveling in a 100% committed way is more and more in trend. those who travel this way intend to reduce their carbon footprint, they stay with locals or in ecolodges, use non-polluting transport and respect the different species of the country.

Mass tourism

Tourism that most visitors practice. It is a form of tourism that is harmful to the environment: a lot of waste and irresponsible behavior towards nature. These tourists do not care about cultural and environmental integration.

Solidarity tourism Thailand the reasons why you should visit it

This type of trip favors human contact and the improvement of the Thai territory and its population. Indeed, there are several associations that offer help to the poorest, to disadvantaged children, work to support the environment and it is also possible to support schools by giving language lessons to local students. There are also services such as: participating in the welfare of elephants, rehabilitation of mangroves and construction of equipment in small villages.

This is done on a voluntary basis. Tourists attend training and guided tours and stay with locals. Example of an association that promotes solidarity tourism: GlobAlong.

Community tourism

Aboriginal tourism, this type of tourism makes it possible to share the life of Thai in minimal comfort. You work for the state by giving aid and your income to the population for material equipment and for local nature.

Where to stay in Thailand?

Cottages and bungalows

For those who like to immerse themselves in nature (forest, jungle, mountain).

The campsites

There are numerous camping areas available to the population throughout the country.


The country offers a wide choice of hotels often located in natural surroundings and which offer a large number of activities (sports, spa, sauna, swimming pool) as well as integrated services such as guided tours.

The guesthouses

Small structures of local families and traditional houses

What to visit in Thailand?

In this article, discover visits to do if you choose Thailand as your destination: Visit Thailand: top 7 things to do absolutely

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