Why is Twitch popular?

Why is Twitch popular?

You’d like to know why Twitch has become one of platforms the most known in particular by young people gamers passionate about gaming or not, this article is made for you. here’s why Twitch has become popular.

What is Twitch? twitch

Twitch is a platform launched in IJanuary 2011 which allows you to watch live videos since a computer, game console or phone. It is mainly about stream live of video games, even if for some time, Twitch allows you to open other alternative such as broadcasts talking about games or even football and even current affairs since since on March 2021, BFM TV launched its channel on platform Twitch. There’s also has the live “IRL” (in real life) or the stream film himself and interacted with its internet users. There is the stream creative for streamers offering drawings or other creative works. There Twitch platform permitst also to do the‘event charities as the famous Zeventa French project created in 2017 by Adrien Nougaret a.k.a ZeratoR and alexander Doucharywith over $6.9 million raiseds by Amnesty International in October 2020.

Who can stream on Twitch? gamer

Everyone has the right to stream on Twitch, for this you need to have a Twitch account, then you will need a product capable of stream depending on what you want to stream. A good PC with a good graphics card (as the Geforce) a good processor, a good amount of RAM, a good microphone and a good camera if you want to show your face. Game consoles like PS4/PS5 or Xbox series X/Xbox One also allows to broadcast your game of live video games. A Good connection will be biobviously important to be able to stream. If you do not have a good connection, during your broadcast, there will be cuts at times and this is annoying for the viewer who will not be able tointerfere in the game.

xsplit or OBS?

xsplit and OBS are applications of streamthey are usually usedread to capture the gameplay for the broadcast live or video recording. OBS is a free software unlike xsplit which pays him and will therefore be usede by streamers professionals. OBS offers sufficient quality whether it is handling the software and using it over the long term, for the broadcast quality it offers. It will obviously be necessaryment adapteder the settings of one of 2 applications depending on your PC and your internet connection.

Strong pointss by Twitch

As I said before, several types of content is offerede on the platform Twitchdare video games, creation, football shows or otherpolitical debatess especially on BFM TV, there are therefore several choices available to us depending on our preferences or not. Twitch also makes it possible to introduce certain video games to spectatorsfor example, if a large stream play a new game, part of the community will try the game on their side if it is good.

The Twitch Chat

One of the points strong streams is the chat, it is the means of communication of spectators towards THE Streamer. You can send a message on the chat and the person can interact with you directly live. THE spectator therefore has a role to play unlike television for example where you can’t or trshortly interact directly with diffusers. There’s has different badge in the chat, there is the badge moderator who has the role of controlling the cathe can delete a message if it is inappropriate and can even ban a viewer if he has violated one of the broadcaster’s chat rules. There is the VIP who has the right to write on the chat regardless of the restrictions. Finally there are the subs who are the subscribers of the chain, who have either paide or be usede Twitch Prime if the spectator has a subscription Amazon Prime, this one can subscribe for free to a chain Twitch by linking his Amazon account to his Twitch account. They will then have emotes that they can use on all cats and they will be able to write on the chat if it is in “sub only

THE subscriptions, bits or donations Twitch

A subscription allows a viewer to pay a minimum of 4.99 euros per month (3.99 euros for the 1st month of sub) to support a channel of your choice, on a recurring or occasional basis. The subscribers (subs) have access to of the emotes personalized by the stream and other benefits that you can define. As for example, the stream has the right to put his cat in mode “subs only” this means that only the subs have access to the chat, people who are not subscribeds will not be able to write on the chat. There’s still has many advantagess. Bits and donations are also there to support the channel of their choice. This is the main form of income for a stream on Twitch.

Why do the spectators watching a streamer?

Spectators usually watch streamers for the personality of the person or for his level of play, that’s why in general, a pro player will have more visibility than an ordinary player because the spectators will try to copy the way of playing of the pro player in order to be able to progress in turn in his favorite games. People also watch the competitions ofe-sport for the show is the pleasure of live or even, quite simply, to see in action games that we would hesitate to buy or even to discover some of them to which we would not even have imagined giving a chance. Spectators like to watch live like some people like to watch football games.


There Twitch platform is recorded over time thanks to to the diversity offered on the platform. If you want to have fun in front of a stream or if you want to get started on TwitchI hope that this article will have helped you. Play and broadcast your games!

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